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Criticism and Critiques

How do you like my adaptation and intrepretation of our favorite and loveable Cetra? Think I could do better? Please, drop a line (all comments will be screened) or you can email me directly. Remember that nobody likes being told they suck. I'm as flexiable as a bendy-straw and always take comments, ideas, and suggestions under consideration.


[Phone Call to Cloud]

[So Aerith's project - besides taking care of Veld and spending time with her mother - has been restoring her church. The poor thing has been in shambles and very little work has been done. Not only that, but now there's a little pond in the middle and is a hazard to those who come to visit. So, she's got an idea and a possible partner in crime. Dialing Cloud's number, she's grinning from ear to ear.]